Eco Fire Bar

BE READY! 🔥 We Are Proud Of Our Fire Starters For Holiday Gifts, Camp Fires, Indoor Fires, & Emergency Kits CLEAN & GREEN


Featured in MN Bound Cabin 2019

For the Wet & the Windy, the Simple - Anytime, Anywhere!

Thanks for your visit. You can light your ECO FIRE BARS in the wilderness, at barbecues, fire places, bonfires, campfires, winter-snow fires, survival fires & fire pits, knowing they are clean. We are proud to be receiving assistance from WI Wood Marketing Team & the WI DNR’s Forest Products Service Team.


Just light the wick…


We make 3 products. Mini Bars, a small fire starter for easy to light fires. Buddy Bars, larger, for harder to light fires. And, Safety Tins, a Buddy Bar you store in a tin, ready for an even longer fire. These Fire Bars are 100% plant-based. Light weight, .86 ounce and 1.6 ounce. Green. Safe. Dependable. Mini, 12+ minute flame, & Buddy, 25+ minute flame. Cleaner than ‘natural.’ No petroleum products. Where do you light fires? That is where these can be handy. Instructions: Prepare wood as you normally would. Use this ignition device for kindling instead of newspaper or twigs.


A night to remember.



The answer for any time you want that extra boost to get your fire going. I take them for camping. My 1-match light late at night makes these priceless. They hold a flame for at least 25 minutes. Useful for hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, ice fishing, hunting, mountain biking, outdoor cooking, canoeing, and in case the car breaks down, I keep one, in the tin, for an extended 30 to 40 minutes of light and heat.

Remember they are pure, use no chemicals, are safe, and cleaner than ‘natural.’



To always be able to light your fire. For the fastest, easy to light camp fires, for toxin free indoor fires, for healthy camp cooking, for safety, for convenience & dependability, for survival & emergency needs, even for gifts for fire makers, and, especially for the environment. They are easily carried, size is only 2.25" x 3.5". They light for 12+ minutes. Like the Buddy Bars they are 100% plant based. The mighty Mini!

All our products are made with pure palm wax and local, recycled hardwood. The palm wax is responsibly harvested and distributed by a member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, RSPO.


“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community…”

- Aldo Leopold, WI

Palm oil harvested responsibly & purchased from an RSPO WI distributor, that is Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil. Cleaner than natural.