Eco Fire Bar

"…by extending the day, fire allowed people to unleash their imaginations and tell stories, rather than merely focus on mundane topics."

- Michael Balter


Just A Bit More

Hi, I’m living in Western Wisconsin in an area called the St. Croix Valley. It’s not Rathlin Island, but I have come to love living here. There is a true community feel now that I’m settled in with 6, going on 7 years. I like being involved as a substitute teacher in the elementary & high school, I love my outdoor adventures with my dog Cooper. Everyone knows Cooper, he hangs his head out the car window, and waits for me, every where. He is my shadow. My partner of 17 years, Colin Williams of Wales, UK, and I just married, May, 2019! I am no longer waiting for him to share making our Eco Fire Bars! A long wait now concluded. Now joint venture! Still these eco fire lighters have taken front and center in my life - because I like fires, I like that I make starting fires easier, I like that the bars are totally clean, and now, that they will be without wrapping, bare bars with a wick, and sold in compostable, biodegradable kraft bags and a foil ziplock bag for rough weather. This is the direction for our future. Thanks for buying my /our bars. I hope you are very happy with their quality. Let us know your ideas for our future Eco Fire Bars. And, thanks also for spreading the word. Mary & Colin & Cooper, ruff ruff



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