Eco Fire Bar

"…by extending the day, fire allowed people to unleash their imaginations and tell stories, rather than merely focus on mundane topics."

- Michael Balter


Just A Bit More

Hi, I’m living in Western Wisconsin in an area called the St. Croix Valley. It’s not Rathlin Island, but I have come to love living here. There is a true community feel now that I’m settled in with 6, going on 7 years. I like being involved as a substitute teacher in the elementary & high school, I love my outdoor adventures with my dog Cooper. Everyone knows Cooper, he hangs his head out the car window, and waits for me, every where. He is my shadow. I am engaged to a Welsh (UK) artist named Colin Williams. I am waiting for his being here full time to share making our Eco Fire Bars. These have taken front and center in my life - because I like fires, I like that I make starting fires easier, I like that the bars are totally clean, and now, that they will be without wrapping, bare bars with a wick, and sold in compostable, biodegradable kraft bags and a foil ziplock bag for rough weather. This is the direction for our future. Thanks for buying my bars. I hope you are very happy with their quality. Let me know your ideas for our future Eco Fire Bars. And, thanks also for spreading the word.



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