You Could...But I Don't Recommend It

Coming from a background in holistic health studies, I remember when I learned that Kellogg’s had put wood pulp in one of their cereals. I thought it was then, back in the 80’s, when fiber was the rage and lots slipped through the cracks, - but not now. Well, I looked it up today, because I often compare my fire bars and say they are clean enough to eat, but don’t and I laugh. I say this because I am very leery of the mystery ingredients in most fire starters, like ‘natural’. So, if you look up wood pulp in foods, today, 2019, you might be surprised to find that at least 15 companies, even up to 31, use wood pulp, or ‘cellulose’ in their foods. I am serious. So, my bars could also be a food, made from wood pulp and pure, sustainably harvested palm wax, like the palm oil used in popcorn and lots of other products. But, I DON”T RECOMMEND IT. Happy Spring Fires

Mary Hannahan